Black Lives Matter

We stand with our Black employees and the Black community to support equality and reject racial injustice in all forms. No person should ever have to explain why their life is important. We will stand, we will protect, we will act.

This starts with a commitment to our Black colleagues, customers, and communities.

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. Mike Ramos. We will remember these names and so many more.

We are committed to action. Actions against systemic racism, and actions for equality.

We have started and will continue unfiltered conversations across our company. We recognize that we have work to do. As a team, we are committed to creating lasting impact by addressing our policies, programs, processes, and inter-company development. While we are not the first to respond, we are dedicated to making meaningful and immediate changes.

Taking Action

Empower our People. We will empower and fund an employee-led council to accelerate our actions around donation strategy, volunteer coordination, diversity & inclusion initiatives, organizational development, and community outreach.
Launch Participation Programs. We will support our employees’ strong desire to participate in programs that serve the Black community and other underrepresented communities, and we will enable our team with flexible work policies and donation match programs.
Hire from All Communities. We will invest more time and money to ensure more diversity in our candidate pools, specifically minority group representation. From company leadership through all levels and functions, we will establish and achieve hiring goals that include greater minority representation.
Expand Diversity and Inclusion Training. We will expand training and on-demand educational opportunities on critical diversity and inclusion topics. Our team will be provided with the tools we need, the instruction we need, and the dedicated time we need.
Live our Values. We will update and live our company values and Code of Conduct until we are proud of the culture we have built.
We stand with the Black community. We stand with equality. We are committed to a better tomorrow, and we will put in the work.

Black Lives Matter